Got foundation matched by Sephora’s new Pantone Color IQ and decided to purchase the Lancôme Teint Miracle in shade 4W from It’s always nice to have a concealer lighter than the foundation rather than darker, so I took a chance and ordered the Effacernes concealer in shade Light Beige. Hope it works out! The rest of the stuff was gift with purchase. I couldn’t pass up this gwp! The eyeshadow is a good size and since the actually size costs 49 bucks, it’s pretty cool, eh?

Sephora’s new foundation matching system (they call it “Pantone Color IQ”) is pretty awesome. This lady came up to me and asked me if I wanted to be foundation matched, and I said “Sure.” She then took some makeup remover, wiped a section of my cheek and forehead, and pressed the handheld machine on my skin. The machine selects your best matched foundations and emails you your matches - not only selecting from bad sellers (which I thought at first)…the machine takes every foundation Sephora sells and selects those that match you best, and you may get 5 to 25 matches. I got emailed five foundations.